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Alfred Place Baptist Church is a dynamic and active Christian community who meet in Aberystwyth town centre. We are an independent Baptist church, standing together for the historic Christian faith based on the Bible.

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If the Lord wills, right up until Christmas time, this is where in the Bible we’re going next on Lord’s Day mornings.

We encourage all those connected with Alfred Place who plan to join us to start reading through the book of Exodus, in order to come prepared for the preached word. 🙂

The preaching of this first part of the book will be divided up something like this:

Exodus 1
Exodus 2
Exodus 3:1 – 4:17
Exodus 4:18 – 4:31
Exodus 5:1 – 6:1
Exodus 6:2 – 7:7
Exodus 7:8 -10:29
Exodus 11
Exodus 12:1 – 12:28
Exodus 12:29 – 12:51
Exodus 13:1 – 13:16
Exodus 13:17 – 14:31
Exodus 15:1 – 15:21

As you can see, we hope to have crossed the Red Sea by Christmas!