Activities This Month

Friday 3rd No Youth-Club (Half-Term Break)
Lord’s Day 5th
  • Morning Service (11am):
    • Ian preaching
    • Lord’s Supper
  • Gerwyn preaching at Evening Service (5pm)
  • Rhodri preaching in Grace Reformed Baptist Church, Hilperton, AM & PM
Saturday 11th 8:30am, Men’s Breakfast @ AP
Lord’s Day 12th 9:30am, Bible-Craft-Club @ AP
Thursday 16th 8pm, Women’s Evening @ The Manse
Friday 17th 7pm, Youth Club @ AP
Lord’s Day 19th Lord’s Supper as part of Evening Service (5pm)
Friday 24th 6pm, Bible Club @ The Manse
Lord’s Day 26th Heather Nicholas’ Baptism at Evening Service (5pm)
Wednesday 29th 7pm, Christmas Card Signing Session @ The Manse
Thursday 30th Officers’ Meeting

Other Notes

  • Note that we are continuing to celebrate the Lord’s Supper twice this month, this is in line with the sermon-series Rhodri has preached about Communion.
  • Whole-Church Prayer-Meetings: 7th & 21st | Small-Group Prayer-Meetings: 14th & 28th
    • Speak to Rhodri, Ian, or Eric if you are interested in joining one of the three small-groups.
  • The weekly Women’s Fellowship meets on Wednesday mornings, in AP basement at 10:30am.
  • The monthly Bible-Reading-Groups’ are currently on Lamentations. All church-members have been encouraged to read it and consider Christ as you do. Those attending the groups (Women’s Evening / Men’s Breakfast / Bible Club) do keep a note of observations and questions to share with/ask your group. The next book will be Hebrews.
  • When able to, those manning the Book-Table go out every Saturday (weather & personnel-permitting) 11am-12:30pm, members, speak to Eric if you are interested in joining the work.
  • Rhodri and the family plan to be away until the 3rd.
  • Rhodri plans to be away for 24-hours at the AECW Ministers’ Consultation from Monday the 20th to Tuesday the 21st.

Book News

Any book-orders or enquiries related to the bookshop should be emailed to

Visit the Bookshop Facebook Page for all the latest information, including opening hours (note: a Facebook account is not required to access that page).

Book of the Month

O COME, O COME, EMMANUEL: A Liturgy for Daily Worship from Advent to Epiphany – Jonathan Gibson (Crossway, 2023)

We’re more likely to hear the word and “advent” in reference to a chocolate-calendar nowadays (we are all for chocolate calendars in our house by the way!), however the word “advent” actually means “arrival” and in the church calendar it is most related to the second arrival of Christ (which is coming soon). And yet, advent season also leads up to the time where we remember the first arrival of Christ, Christmas. Advent season begins on the 28th of November, as does this book’s worship-guide. This would be an excellent book for you to purchase to accompany your private or family worship during these autumnal-days leading up to Christmastime. Jonathan Gibson has already released a companion for worship in the home which follows a similar format to this volume, we have found it very helpful in our house. This edition promises to be another helpful aid to worship, focusing our thoughts on what should be occupying our minds at this time of year—Christ come in the flesh, to save his people from their sins, and soon to return to bring resurrection-glory to his church!

Bible-Reading Groups Commentary Tie-In

I WISH SOMEONE WOULD EXPLAIN HEBREWS TO ME! – Stuart Olyott (Banner of Truth, 2010)

The very funny title of this book explains where many people are at in terms of their attitude towards the book of Hebrews. They perhaps begin to read it (or worse read what others have said about it) and then they fear that they will never understand what’s going on in the book of Hebrews. Now, we know that the Bible is understandable for anyone who has the Holy Spirit, even a child. And yet, somehow we do manage to make it more complicated. Stuart, our good friend, addresses these issues head-on and shows us how much of an important book of the Bible this is. As Stuart explains, it’s an essential book of the Bible to help us understand more about the Old Testament. And it’s an essential book of the Bible to help us appreciate what the Lord Jesus Christ has done, what he is still doing, and what he will go on to do. There are plenty of books you can go to in order to get a more technical academic response to the book of Hebrews, but this is the best of the popular options for the everyday Christian. One helpful thing that Stuart does is to paraphrase the letter to really get to the purpose of what the writer to the Hebrews is saying. You will, Lord willing, leave the book of Hebrews more excited by the Lord Jesus Christ if you read this book.