Activities This Month

5th                         Communion as part of the Morning-Service.

11th                      Men’s Breakfast, 8:30am @ AP.
                               Saturday Morning Outreach, meet at 11am, outside The Christian Bookshop.

14th                      Jim and Megan Patterson sharing report at Whole-Church Prayer-Meeting. 

16th                      Women’s Evening, 8pm @ The Manse.

17th                      Bible Club, 6-7pm @ The Manse.

23rd                      Church-Forum (Topic: The Christian Bookshop)

26th                       Ian preaching @ AP, AM; Gerwyn preaching @ AP, PM
                                Rhodri preaching @ The Welsh Church of Central London (AM & PM)

28th                      Andrew Berry from Operation Mobilisation speaking at Whole-Church Prayer-Meeting.

[Note: The book-table continues to go out every Saturday (weather-permitting), members, speak to Eric if you are interested in joining the work.]

Other Notes

  • Whole-Church Prayer-Meeting dates: 14th & 28th | Small-Group Prayer-Meeting: 7th & 21st.
  • Speak to Rhodri, Ian, or Eric if you are interested in joining one of the three small-groups.
  • The weekly Women’s Fellowship continues to meet on Wednesday mornings, in AP basement at 10:30am.
  • The monthly Bible-Reading-Groups Bible-book is Leviticus this month. All church-members are encouraged to read it and consider Christ as you do. Those attending the groups (Women’s Evening / Men’s Breakfast / Bible Club) do keep a note of observations and questions to share with your group. Good questions to ask (these are questions the Bible asks about itself):
    1. What did you learn about the Lord Jesus?
    2. What did you learn about yourself?
    3. How were you corrected and rebuked?
    4. How do you feel you need to change?
    5. What did you learn from scripture that will help you endure (keep going) and be encouraged?
    6. What did you learn that will teach you to do works of service to build up the brothers and sisters in AP?
    7. What have you learned that helps you love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind?
    8. What has helped you love your neighbour as yourself?

Book News

Any book-orders or enquiries related to the bookshop should be emailed to

Visit the Bookshop Facebook Page for all the latest information, including opening hours (note: a Facebook account is not required to access that page.)


In April, Tony Brown, the author of Sharing the Gospel with a Jehovah’s Witness will be speaking in a whole-church prayer-meeting.

The shop has bought a number of these books and we are able to sell them at the reduced price of £2 (RRP £4.99).


EVANGELICAL PHARISEES: The Gospel as Cure for the Church’s Hypocrisy – Michael Reeves (Crossway, 2023)

Scripture warns believers against hypocrisy; the Lord Jesus calls it the yeast of the Pharisees because of its potential to spread quickly in the church. It’s very easy to outwardly appear as devout in our religion, and to secretly be hiding legalism, destructive pride, idolatry, and even apostasy. Mike Reeves shows us that pharisaism is still a problem among us evangelicals today, and he shows us how the Lord Jesus instructs the church on how to recognise and defeat it. We might well all need correction on our approach to Scripture, our understanding of salvation, and our view on how essential it is to be born again (the three Rs of the gospel: revelation, redemption, regeneration).


2,000 YEARS OF CHRIST’S POWER, VOLUME 5: The Age of Enlightenment and Awakening – Nick Needham (Christian Focus, 2023)

As you may already know, Nick Needham has sought to cover the history of the New Testament church over four books before this, and has by now reached the 18th century. Many in the congregation have found these books helpful and will commend them to you. Note: this book won’t be released until mid-March.

Nick says:

In many ways, I confess I do not feel especially at home in the Age of Reason. My personal roots are far more among those of the Early Church. Still, I gladly admit I cannot help feeling my heart kindled as I read about the mighty deeds wrought in and through the Evangelical preachers of that age.

Even if you haven’t read the previous four volumes, this may be a good place to start, and then to work your way backwards through time!

~ Rhodri