Activities this Month

  • 5th Ian Middlemist leading and preaching at our services.

  • 12th Communion during the morning service (one week later).

  • 16th Women’s Evening @ The Manse, 8pm.

  • 18th

    • Men’s Breakfast @ AP, downstairs, 8:30am (note the new time).
      Morgan’s breakfast orders in to Joshua Ball by 10am the day before (Friday).

    • Saturday Morning Outreach with the book-table.
      All members invited to come along, even just to take a look. Meet @ Bookshop, 11am.

  • 24th Bible Club, 6pm @ The Manse

  • 27th Officers’ Meeting.

  • The Bible-book for this month is 2 Samuel. Those attending the Men’s, Women’s & Youngster’s Bible-Reading Groups, please come prepared with Christ-centred observations and questions from the book of Acts.

  • Rhodri is away at the Bala Pastors’ Conference from the 13th – 15th of July.

Book News

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Below is a recommendation of a book I finally got round to reading at the beginning of this year. Chris recommended to me during lockdown, and it has been extremely helpful to me in approaching family-worship as well as how we should think about church:


You may have heard of Bonhoeffer, he was a German pastor and theologian, but he is most well-known for his struggle against Adolf Hitler.

Bonhoeffer doesn’t cover any of that ground here however, but rather gives us a helpful overview of what it might look like to live Together with the Lord, and with other Christians, whether we live alone; in a couple; or with a community (e.g. friends or family). Whoever we are we need to think about what Life Together looks like.

What is a church-family?

Are we thankful enough for our church-family?

How can we make the most of our time alone so that we make the most of our time together with our church-family?

Is there a place for confessing our sins in the life of the church-family? Those questions and many others are addressed in this short book about church.

I’d also like to recommend this next book for those who would like to understand more about the Holy Spirit:


This book was on my reading list before I went to seminary, but it isn’t just for people going to Bible-school, this is an extremely thorough and helpful overview of all that the Bible teaches about the Holy Spirit.

The official term for the study of the Holy Spirit is pneumatology, and it is— sadly—an area of study that we tend to neglect. Pick up this book to remedy that, and to find out ‘the who, the what, and the how’ of the third person of the Trinity.

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Book news compiled by: Rhodri Brady