Activities This Month

Monday 1st (New Year’s Day) 4-6pm, New Year’s Day Social @ Capel Seion Village Hall (SY23 4ED)
Wednesday 3rd 11:30am, Funeral of Christine Reynolds @ AP
Lord’s Day 7th 11am, Lord’s Supper as part of Morning Service
Saturday 13th  8:30am, Men’s Breakfast @ AP (downstairs)
Lord’s Day 14th 9:30am, Craft Club @ AP (downstairs)
5pm, Derrick Adams preaching @ AP (Rhodri preaching at Eglwys Efengylaidd Aberystwyth
Monday 15th  7:30pm, 3, 2, 1 Course, First Session @ AP (downstairs)
Tuesday 16th 10am, Rhodri in Mid-Wales & Borders Fraternal, @ Newtown Evangelical Church
Thursday 18th 8pm, Women’s Evening @ The Manse
Friday 19th 7pm, Youth Club @ AP (downstairs)
Monday 22nd 7:30pm, Vision-Week Meeting (1) @ AP (downstairs)
Tuesday 23rd 7:30pm, Vision-Week Meeting (2) @ AP (downstairs)
Thursday 25th 7:30pm, Vision-Week Meeting (3) @ AP (downstairs)
Friday 26th 6pm, Bible Club @ The Manse
Monday 29th 7:30pm, 3, 2, 1 Course, Second Session @ AP (downstairs)
Tuesday 30th 7:30pm, International Mission to Jewish People speaking in Prayer Meeting @ AP (downstairs)
Wednesday 31st 7:30pm, AGM (TBC) @ AP (downstairs)

Other Notes

  • Note the change of usual date location for the New Year’s Social. It’s usually on New Year’s Eve, this year it is on New Year’s Day; it’s usually @ AP, but this year it will be in Capel Seion Village Hall. Please contact the deacons if you need help finding where it is, or a lift to get there.
  • Note that we have gone back to celebrating the Lord’s Supper once a month.
  • The 3, 2, 1 Course is an interactive evangelism course for those interested in the Christian faith. 3 stands for the fact that God is Trinity. The 2 covers the fact that the world is shaped by two representatives, Adam and Christ. The 1 stands for our one-ness, highlighting the fact that by default, we’re one with Adam, but that through faith, we can be united with Christ. There are four sessions which will take place every other week, finishing in mid-February. All welcome. Feel free to come on your own, or to bring a non-Christian friend.
  • The Vision-Week is an opportunity to—over three evening-sessions—talk about the direction that we need to pursue as a church this year. Members should make every effort to be at all three sessions and to contribute to discussions… it’s going to be fun! All three meetings will start at 7:30pm and will be downstairs @ AP.
    • Session 1: Monday 22nd
    • Session 2: Tuesday 23rd
    • Session 3: Thursday 25th
  • Whole-Church Prayer-Meetings: 2nd, 16th & 30th | Small-Group Prayer-Meeting: 9th only
    • Note: 23rd is taken up with the second of our Vision-Week Meetings)
    • Speak to Rhodri, Ian, or Eric if you are interested in joining one of the three small-groups.
  • The weekly Women’s Fellowship meets on Wednesday mornings, in AP basement at 10:30am (TBC in Sunday notices).
  • The monthly Bible-Reading-Groups’ are currently on Genesis 1-20. All church-members have been encouraged to that section and consider Christ as you do. Those attending the groups (Women’s Evening / Men’s Breakfast / Bible Club) do keep a note of observations and questions to share with/ask your group. The next Bible-Book-section will be Genesis 21-40.
    • Note the slightly different system with the Bible-Reading Groups, that we are not just looking at one book, with some books, we are dividing them into sections. This is linked to the Home-Worship-Plans which are discussed below.
  • Home-Worship-Plans are A4 sheets that will be printed out weekly, ready to pick up at church, for those who request them. They will include a suggested hymn to sing in your home; a suggested prayer to pray; a catechism-question to learn; and a Bible-reading-guide.
  • When able to, those manning the Book-Table go out every Saturday (weather & personnel-permitting) 11am-12:30pm, members, speak to Eric if you are interested in joining the work.

Book News

Any book-orders or enquiries related to the bookshop should be emailed to

Visit the Bookshop Facebook Page for all the latest information, including opening hours (note: a Facebook account is not required to access that page).

The bookshop is now closed until Tuesday 30th January. Thank you for your support during 2023.
If there are any queries whilst we are shut please feel free to contact us on 07810108001 or 07761356282 or use the shop email.

Book of the Month

WANG MINGDAO: Christian Biographies for Young Readers – Simonetta Carr (Reformation Heritage Books, 2023)

Amazingly, it is now not unusual to come into contact with Christians who are connected to China, and in this book, Simonetta Carr introduces us to one of the fathers of the church in China, a pastor called Wang Mingdao. He was a wonderful man because he loved the Lord Jesus and the good news about the Lord Jesus. However, as a result of his love for the Lord Jesus, he was persecuted awfully, which is a reality that so many Christians all over the world go through. Yet, even in his weakness, Mingdao found his hope in the Lord Jesus and kept on trusting in Christ, even in prison (by the way, he was in prison for twenty-three years!). We need heroes like this especially as we face suffering. Heroes like this show us what it looks like to trust the Lord Jesus even when things are hard, and especially through times of persecution. My family has found other biographies in this series helpful, and I’m sure you will find this one helpful, whether you are young or old.

Bible-Reading Groups Commentary Tie-In

GOD’S RASCAL: The Jacob Narrative in Genesis 25-35 – Dale Ralph Davis (Christian Focus, 2022)

As mentioned last month, sometime around the early twenty-tens, there was a very special event where our own Derek Thomas contacted Dale Ralph Davis and asked him to help out with the preaching at First Presbyterian Church in Columbia, South Carolina. The Davises ended up moving to the area, and Ralph preached every Sunday evening there for quite some years. That season is now over, and yet I (and several others) look back with fondness on the many wonderful addresses we heard from that pulpit (most of us listening online). Those sermons were tidied up and put into a few books, one of which was recommended last month, the collection of Ralph’s sermons from Genesis chapters 12 to 25. The recommendation this month is the next book in the series, and covers the next section. Sometimes, I would like Ralph to be more explicitly Christ-focused, and yet, nevertheless, his sermons always eventually point us to our Saviour with originality, humour, and excellent application.