Activities This Month

1st     Church-Forum. Meeting in-person, downstairs in the church-building & via Google Meet [].

4th     Communion as part of the evening-service.

15th    Women’s Evening, 8pm @ The Manse.

16th    Bible Club, 6-7pm @ The Manse.

17th     Men’s Breakfast, 8:30am @ AP. | Saturday Morning Outreach, meet at 11am, outside The Christian Bookshop.

25th     Lord’s Day / Christmas Day Morning Service, 11am. / Joint-Service with Eglwys Efengylaidd Aberystwyth, 5pm.

27th     No Prayer-Meetings, members (of course) still able to meet up informally for prayer!

31st     New-Year’s Eve Social, 4pm @ AP.

[Note: The book-table continues to go out every Saturday (weather-permitting), members, speak to Eric if you are interested in joining the work.]

Other Notes

  • The Church-Forum is an opportunity for the Church Officers to share with the rest of the church what they have been discussing and planning. The purpose of the meeting is to better inform interested members of what’s going on behind the scenes so that they can pray and give better input into these ongoing conversations.
  • Whole-Church Prayer-Meeting dates: 13th (no prayer-meeting on the 27th).  | Small-Group Prayer-Meeting dates: 6th & 20th.
    • Speak to Rhodri, Ian, or Eric if you are interested in joining one of the three small-groups.
  • The weekly Women’s Fellowship continues to meet on Wednesday mornings, in AP basement at 10:30am.
  • The monthly Bible-Reading-Groups Bible-book is 1 Timothy this month. All church-members are encouraged to read it and consider Christ as you do, those attending the groups (Women’s Evening / Bible Club / Men’s Breakfast) keep a note of observations and questions to share with your group. Good questions to ask (these are questions the Bible asks about itself):
    1. What did you learn about the Lord Jesus?
    2. What did you learn about yourself?
    3. How were you corrected and rebuked?
    4. How do you feel you need to change?
    5. What did you learn from scripture that will help you endure (keep going) and be encouraged?
    6. What did you learn that will teach you to do works of service to build up the brothers and sisters in AP?
    7. What have you learned that helps you love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind?
    8. What has helped you love your neighbour as yourself?
  • Rhodri is away from the 26th to the 30th, for the Christmas break.

Book News & Recommendations

Any book-orders or enquiries related to the bookshop should be emailed to


LORD’S DAY…………….Closed All Day
MONDAY…………………Closed All Day
TUESDAY………………….11am – 3pm
WEDNESDAY…………….12pm – 3pm
THURSDAY……………….11am – 3pm
FRIDAY……………………..11am – 3pm
SATURDAY………………..11am – 3pm

The shop will close for the Christmas Break at 3pm on Friday 23rd of December.

Visit the Bookshop Facebook Page for all the latest information, including opening hours (note: a Facebook account is not required to access that page.)

GOD SHINES FORTH: How the Nature of God Shapes and Drives the Mission of the Church – Daniel Hames & Michael Reeves (Crossway, 2022)

Let’s get it out in the open right at the beginning. Doesn’t something about mission and evangelism just feel “off” to you? Every Christian knows we’re meant to share the gospel and look for opportunities to witness to Christ, yet almost all of us find it a genuine struggle, if not a gloomy discouragement. The vital, final thing Jesus left his followers to do—the Great Commission!—seems to be the one thing about the Christian life that, frankly, doesn’t feel so great.

The above quote is from the introduction to this book, however, far from discouraging us to evangelise, Hames & Reeves go on to explain to us that mission should not be a clunky add-on to our own delighting in the Living God, instead, they remind us that evangelism should be the natural overflow and expression of the enjoyment we have of him so that, like him, we gladly go out to fill the world with the word of his goodness.

WHAT FUELS THE MISSION OF THE CHURCH? – Daniel Hames & Michael Reeves (Crossway, 2022)