Alfred Place Baptist Church

Alfred Place Covid Health and Safety

This Guidance was last updated on the 3rd September 2021

In attending services, it is expected that all attendees agree to the following:

  1. Wear masks inside the church building
  2. Sanitise hands upon entering the building
  3. Sit in allocated seats
  4. Singing is currently permitted provided worshipers adhere to the steps in this guidance
  5. We regret that toilet facilities are limited – please seek directions from stewards who will
    indicate when toilet facilities are available.
  6. Please do not attend if you have been told to self isolate or are displaying symptoms (in
    keeping with your agreement when booking online)
  7. The downstairs/basement area of the church is currently unavailable – there is therefore no
    overflow or creche facilities.


1. On arriving, wait outside the church building until invited into the church building by the
stewards. This is to give stewards time to welcome people and guide them to their seats.
Where possible, please keep a gap between households, adhering to the marking on the
floor providing guidance as to where to stand.

2. A steward will invite the household waiting at the blue floor marker into the porch when appropriate.

3. Once in the porch the steward will direct church attendees to the automatic hand sanitisers.

4. The steward will then direct the attending household to which side of the church they need to
sit on and the second steward to direct them to the pre-allocated seats. There will be blue
ribbons blocking off the pews that are unavailable in between the allocated rows.

5. If there is a ‘Please Do Not Sit Here’, then please do not sit on the particular part of the pew
where the sign has been placed, other parts of the pew (where there are no signs placed)
are still available. Please do not move these signs as they are placed on specific spots on
the pews to ensure social distance is maintained between the different occupied seats.

6. Whilst within the church building please stay in your allocated seats and wear a mask at all
times. The windows need to be open for ventilation, this may make the building a little cold
so please wrap-up warm, especially in winter.

7. At the end of the service, whoever is leading the service will give direction as the procedure
for leaving the building. One side of the church will leave at a time. This is to ensure that
people can exit the building safely.